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The Holidays Are Here!

Are we the only ones baffled by how swiftly the year went by? It's almost as though we blinked in June and six months sped past without warning. When you have children, you become all too aware of how fast time is going by. No matter how hard we try to stay in the moment and enjoy the experience, at the end of the week, month, and even year we are left wondering how it all went by so fast. We've had to many amazing moments this last year, including growing pains, moving excitements, and new family members! 

For December, we are focusing on family and friends, and trying to stay present throughout the busiest time of year. No matter how our to-dos lists look, we all know it will be January before we know it and we will be beginning the New Year. Our goal for the rest of 2018 is enjoying our beautiful shop, the visitors we receive, and spending time with our loved ones. 

As you hustle through the holidays, be sure to pop into Nurture and say 'hello'! We would love to wish you a happy holiday in person. If possible, try to keep your gift list local and support those small businesses you know and love within the community. We will be showcasing many local handmade gifts throughout the month in our little shop and we can help you self heartfelt gifts for everyone in your family. 

Take a look at our latest newsletter to see classes, workshops, and of course our product of the month!


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