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OsoCozy-Unbleached Infant Prefolds


OsoCozy-Unbleached Infant Prefolds

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OsoCozy Indian prefolds are 100% cotton twill weave cloth diapers. They start out incredibly soft and absorbent, and they become even softer with washing. Wash these cloth diapers a few times in hot water, and they fluff up beautifully! As with all cloth prefolds these will shrink 5-10%.

Price is for one dozen pre-folds in selected size (12) or six (6)

Bleached vs unbleached prefolds? We prefer unbleached cotton prefolds. Unbleached diapers retain much of their natural cotton oil in the fiber, they are softer and more durable than bleached cloth diapers. 

Prep diapers before using. Unbleached prefold cloth diapers must be washed and dried on hot at least 2-3 times after you receive them before they become absorbent. Test absorbency by making a pocket of the diaper and slowly pouring in 1/2 cup of water. If the water pools rather than soaking in quickly, keep washing. DO NOT use fabric softener, which would coat the fibers and cause repelling. Despite the added effort necessary to break in these diapers, they are extremely popular and by most accounts well worth it.


Infant 4x8x4

12" x 16" 7 to 15 lbs blue
Regular 4x6x4
14.5" x 21"
15 to 30 lbs yellow

                Toddler 4x8x4
            17.5" x 23"
             30 to 45 lbs        natural



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