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Book- Parenting Guide to Your Baby's First Year- Anne Krueger

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Book- Parenting Guide to Your Baby's First Year- Anne Krueger

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Publisher: Ballantine Books

With its timely, in-depth advice and hands-on guidance, PARENTING magazine has emerged as the child-care resource of choice for aware, involved parents. Now, the editors of PARENTING bring you a comprehensive, up-to-the-minute guide to the all-important first year of your baby's life. With chapters organized in three-month increments from birth to first birthday, PARENTING Guide to Your Baby's First Year provides the essential information on everything you need to know about:

Your Baby's First Hours:  How newborns look, act, and feel - Making the most of your hospital stay - The equipment and clothing you'll need - Taking your newborn home

The Adjustment to Parenthood: Feeling like a parent - Dealing with postpartum blues - The challenging demands of a newborn - Older siblings - How your marriage changes

Feeding Your Growing Child:  The pros and cons of breast and bottle - Learning to use a cup - Starting solids - Food allergies - Strategies for dealing with picky eaters - Avoiding meal-time power struggles

Child Development:  How your baby grows - Mastering motor skills - Baby's social and emotional life - The first words

Health & Safety: First-year medical checkups - Baby-proofing your home - Immunizations - Common illnesses of infancy and early childhood - When to worry about a fever

Caring for Your Child: Sleep strategies that work - Diapering, bathing, and dressing - Finding the right childcare

Caring for Yourself: Recovering from natural birth or C-section - Getting enough rest - Sex after childbirth - Keeping your relationship strong and healthy - Encouraging dads to get involved

Work Issues:  The right time to go back to work - Balancing job and baby

Special Concerns:  Twins - Preventing SIDS - Living with colic - Developmental delays

Plus:  Teething woes - Milestones big and small - Dad's perspective  - Games babies love to play - Surviving the holidays

- With illustrations throughout -

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